Items of the Nurp

  • Base items
    Quick Runner’s Shirt*2 (Maximus, Doren)
  • Identified Items
    Apple of Natural Perfection_ (Group)
  • Consuming the apple does a complete rebuild, cures all effects, restores full hitpoints and resources. You are remade to your perfect natural form.

Arrow of Spirit Slaying__ (?)
Whenever an incorporeal enemy with the undead subtype, when struck by this arrow, must make a DC 29 fort save, failure results in the destruction in that creature
if used on a vilian, that villian gains a bonus on this roll equal to his tier
some villians can resist this arrow, but with great sacrifice.

Asylum__ (Maximus)
The white hilt on this shortsword is elegantly carved to the form of a slug. The blade a bright crimson, pulsating with life. On the pommel there is a symbol comprised of seven letters in common. Those letters are M,N,V,R,U,D,N.

  • +3 Shortsword
  • Meciful
  • May sacrifice any number of hitpoints up to 30 For every three points sacrificed, you gain that much in attack and damage bonuses. This bonus lasts for 1 round.
  • Once per day you may expend a use of Lay on Hands, if you do, you produce a 10ft area effect of Sanctuary. This lasts 3 rounds.

Beret of Erection Detection (?)
Crazy Hat! (head)
This hat is a beret that is a bit too long, the beret goes off the side of the head and flops of the side of your cheek.
This is a beret of erection detection, within a 30’ radius you have a constant ability to detect the arousal of any humanoid creature and the differing auras of it.

Bastion__ (Maximus)

  • Full-Plate
  • +2 enhancment
  • (light fortification)
  • part of a set"


  • Gladiator’s Gauntlet
  • Provides a +2 enhancment to strength
  • Weapons held in the hand this item occupies deal strength and a half. Two handing a weapon with this gauntlet, allows the weilder to reroll 1s on his damage dice.
  • This gauntlet provides a +1 per weapon die rolled, when the vital strike tree is used.

Black Abbey__ (Rivio)

  • Covenant
  • +3 Enhancement Compound Longbow
  • Adaptive
  • Ominous

Blackstep Boots__ (?)
These wondrous boots give the ability to walk on water and to ignore all penalties to attacking while under the water.

Blackwood Brace__ (Nurp)

  • Scalemail
  • +5 Armor Bonus, Max Dex 6, Light Armor
  • +2 Enhancement Bonus
  • +4 to Knowledge (Nature)
  • You ignore all movement penalties do to moving through natural obstacles
  • You may pass without trace
  • You may see through concealment provided by natural obstacles. (up to 60ft)

Blade of the Red Falcon__ (?)
Lion’s Mane Hilt with pommel with a red banneret with a golden frill. Blade has 5 non-continous, fullers with etched a single Couragous saying in Common. “Courage is grace under pressure.”
+3 Bastard Sword
The wielder of the blade may use his int modifier for attack and damage rolls instead of his str modifier.
This weapon provides a +4 comp bonus to Acrobatics and Escape Artist checks.
1/day Swift the wielder may cast Cure Serious Wounds CL = Character Level upon himself

Bloody Beachmail_

  • +3 Chainmail
  • Whenever you are subject to a critical hit, you gain the bloody condition. You may expend the bloody condition to savage an enemy with a potent attack. This attack can be apart of any attack action (not manuevers), using this ability causes this attack to deal additional damage equal to 3 times your weapons current critical multiplier. If this attack is a crit, you recieve an equal amount to confirm the critical hit.

Bracers of the Holy Warrior_ (?)

  • May only be worn by a good creature.
  • +2 Sacred Bonus to Strength.
  • Whenever you would critical hit an evil enemy, each evil enemy adjacent to the target provokes an attack of opportunity from you. They receive a Fortitude save DC (10+BAB+Cha) to avoid it.

Bulwark of the Bestial Protector__ (?)
2 Tower Shield
1/day you may Rage like a barbarian of your level -3, this lasts for a number of rounds equal to half what’s normally available to this barbarian type.
3/day as a free action, the maw on the shield can be commanded to attack, it bites with the wielders attack bonus, it deals 2d6
5 damage per attack, this attack is in addition to the attacks the wielder has.
Part of a set.

Candelabra of Playful Spirits__ (?)

  • This Candelabra contains 8 playful spirits that give a small bonus. One of these spirits may be summoned once per day at exactly midnight.
  • Each of these spirits will introduce themselves in time as you summon them. No need to be rude!

Canteen of Caves__ (Vagner)

  • Acts as 3 doses of Cure Serious Wounds. (Recharges every 24 hours)
  • Grants 30ft of additional Darkvision
  • 1/day Know Direction

Carnage__ (Nurp)
*+1 Bardiche

  • (Worthy 22) (most likely evil)

Chains of Bound Power__ (?)

  • Sell Value: Chains of Bound Power 40,000gp, Nexus Chains – 97,000gp
  • +2 Chain Shirt
  • Sacrifice – The wearer gains 5% less experience points. In exchange when this reaches an experience point total it transforms. This requires 25,000xp to transform into Nexus Chains.
    • Nexus Chains – +4 Chain Shirt
    • The wearer is under a constant Haste effect.
    • Evasion
    • +2 circumstance bonus to all physical Skill checks.

Clogs of Embarrassing Truths__ (Nurp)
while wearing the wearer is unable to tell lies, and receives a +5 Competence bonus to dance checks.

Comb of Style__ (Doren)
This wondrous item is able to perfectly style any hair on a creature as a standard action. For 1 hour after this comb is used the creature gains a +4 to diplomacy and bluff checks.

Crescent of Dawn__ (Left in chapter 2 at statue of Desna)

  • Covenant
  • Sacred Sanction (Gorash)
  • +2 Enhancement Starknife
  • Flaming

Crescent of Dusk__ (Left in chapter 2 at statue of Desna)

  • Covenant
  • Sacred Sanction (Gorash)
  • +2 Enhancement Starknife
  • Frost

-Dragoon__ (Naerut)

  • +3 enhancment bonus
  • (Has the tripping quality)
  • +15 to jump
  • (May charge while falling (like from jumping))"

Eye of the Hurricane__ (?)

  • Covenant
  • Wearer can see through mist, fog and murky.
  • You are immune to gas based attacks

Faith__ (Doren)
A Mithral breastplate with the symbol of Iomedae, that seems to have a border of sapphires that are glowing slightly.

  • +2 enhancement
  • Mithral
  • may cast shield of faith 1/day

Galahad__ (Doren)

  • +2 Enhancement Warhammer
  • Returning.
  • This hammer can be used to smash the ground instead of attacking. You may replace an attack and instead strike the ground causing all enemies in a 10ft area take a -1 to attack rolls. These effects are cumalative and last untill the end of your next turn. The above effect can be used when it is thrown, in this case you would target a solid area square.

Gnomish Assault Cannon__ (Party)

  • The gnomish assault cannon is a +2 heavy crossbow, that has the impact quality
  • You may use a small or smaller creature as ammunition, this deals the same amount of damage, with the added effect that the creature is launched forward up to three range increments, however if this creature should strike an object or creature the creature fired would take the damage as well, and would fall prone.

Gourd of Fast Friends__ (Ularu)

  • Covenant
  • Empowered (Drunk)
  • Slotless
  • Once per day, the Gourd refills itself as a maximized cure serious wounds potion.
    Whomever holds the Gourd in thier hand, all allies within 30ft gain a +10 movement speed bonus.
  • +3 Competence bonus to diplomacy checks.

Insurance__ (Naerut)
+3 Flail (Not Evil)
Chain is made out of bright, polished, silvered metal. Handle made out of black leather. Flail head is made out of a solid gold ball with ivory spikes.
When it is held by an Abadarian the symbol of Abadar appears on the flails head.
The handle of this weapon functions as a bag of holding (type 3) but only for currency.
Covenant when wielded by an Abadarian.
Payment: For each 1k gp that’s sacrificed to the weapon, can give the weapon increased functionality, money spent is gone.

  • 1k to increase +1 enhancement by 1 lasts for 1 hour.
  • 2k to regain a spent spell slot, 2k per spell level, may only regain 1 spell slot of each spell level 1/day.
  • 3k to increase ac (typeless) while holding by 1 for each 1k spent, lasts for 1 hour.

Isvenviron__ (given back to the Desnan’s)
(is-ven-viron, in Celestial Unforivable)
Made of black metal with blue veins that pulse with power. Handle is made with Angel-skin.
+3 Falchion (Not Evil, 10 HD of Ki)
Deadly, Keen quality
Whenever Isvenviron coup-de graces an enemy the wielder is affected by the False Life spell, CL = to Character Level.
Isvenviron is an unfortunate blemish on the celestial slopes, long ago in the, there is a small group of angels and other celestial beings that only fear of true punishmant that only Isvenviron was created for the sole purpose of punishing the unforgivable, was purpose fully created to kill a good creature that
The Hilt of this weapon is formed of angel skin freely given, the skin was given by the angel Clanett, Clanett was the Saint of Forgiveness
This item becomes covenant if it’s ever used to excecute a good creature, this item also caused an inquisition in Verum.

Just in Case!__ (?)

  • Acts as a bag of holding type 2, but only for scrolls.
  • Up to 3 times per day you may instantly summon a single scroll from within the case. This is a swift action.

Karrol’s Comforting Leathers__ (?)
A set of +2 lamellar armor
this set of lamellar armor, seems to have a special quality, where there should be metal their’s cobblestone.
the wearer is under a constant endure elements
3/day can conjure enough food for a single person with fancy drink
not subject to sleeping penalties

Kooka’s Redemption_ (Nurp)

  • Helmet
  • Provides a 10% fortification chance. This stacks with other sources of fortification.(Max 85%)
  • The wearer of this helmet takes no penalty to AC from charging.
  • If you are a paladin, you gain 2 additional uses of lay on hands.

_Lanhien__ (?)

  • Rendered in Arcane Steel, metal in constant state of pure magic in metal, enchanted symbols of archmages past, banerette
  • +4 Enhancement Greataxe
  • Forceful Critical – Whenever you would confirm a critical hit, you may may as a swift action, fire a single magic missle against all enemies within 30ft. If you defeat an enemy with this critical hit, you may instead fire a magic missle spell at each enemy in 30ft. This uses your character level.
    Arcane Melding – This weapon counts as an arcane focus. This weapon allows a magus that wields it to use this weapon two-handed with all class features. This weapon raises caster level by 4 up to a maximum of your character level.
  • This weapon has 10 charges (resets after 24 hours). These charges may be used to fuel the following abilities as well as being used with Arcane Pool feature. The cost is in parentheses.
  • (2) Arcane Jaunt – As a swift action, you may teleport 30ft. This may be used before or after an attack.
  • (4) Arcane Haze – As a swift action, all attacks you make for 1 round, gain 2d6 force damage that is dealt to the target and to each enemy adjacent to it.
  • (6) Eclipse of Harhome – As a full-round action, you may make a 120ft line attack. All enemies caught in this line, take force damage equal to your weapon damage (total damage).
  • (10) Pillar of Lanhien – As a full round action a single creature is overwhelmed with arcane energy. Make a single attack that is an automatic critical hit. This damage is all in force damage. In addition, you may make a dispel magic attempt against each active magic effect on the creature you strike with this ability.

Magisters Cloak__ (?)

  • +2 to all saving throws
  • +5 competence to diplomacy
  • (You may treat your Paladin level as if it was 4 levels higher in terms of smite evil)"

Martial Index__ (Group)

  • Gain the benefits of a combat feat of your choice, you may change this feat every 30 days.

Mitonis the Blessed’s Hauberk__ (Vagner)

  • +3 Mithral Chainmail
  • 1/day cast Divine favor on self
  • fire resist 5"

Nature’s Touch__ (Nurp)

  • Amulet
  • 2 natural armor bonus
    4 competence to stealth
    *+4 competence to perception

Old Trusty__
Dagger (Not Evil) — Made of Bone (not magic)
Whenever you are disarmed of your weapon, old trusty will appear in your hand as a triggered action, it recieves the enhancement bonus of the weapon disarmed, if it possesed none it gains +1.
Old Trusty may be used as a tool, in applicable skill check that a knife may use, you gain a +2 bonus, if retry you gain an additional +2 (does not stack past 4).
Whenever the wielder of Old Trust, if the wielder chooses to drop the current
part of a set

Pennant of Great Valor__ (Nurp)

  • Acts as a Sash of a War Champion.
  • Acts as a Silver Smite Bracelet.
  • Grants a +2 Resistence bonus to saves.


  • +2 Greatsword
  • Whenever a spell or ability is used to enhance this weapon, the bonus gained is increased by 1. This does not effect extra dice.
  • Raging Critical – Whenever the wielder of this weapon scores a critical hit and is raging. The rage is extended for 1 round for free.

Blue Rose of Razzozin
when this rose is dipped in the blood of the recently dead they are restored to life as though using the raise dead spell, however they receive no negative levels, the recipient must not have been dead longer than one hour; this is a one time use consumable

Regalia of the Iron Angel__
+3 Cold Iron Breastplate
This breastplate comes with a set of metallic wings jutting from the back of it.
Defiant vs Evil Outsiders, Light Fortification
The wearer of this item, as a free action at the start of their may activate it’s flying ability, giving 3 minutes of flight as the fly spell, must be used in 1 minute increments, at 11th-level this flight becomes constant.

Reigns of Ronas__ (Rivio)

  • Companion Bind | Slotless
  • These ghostly reigns can be used to call forth the ghostly mount Ronas. The creature that is summoned by this item can be used for the mount, animal companion or eidolon class feature.

Serpents Kiss__
+1 Blowdart gun (Not Evil, no Ki) — Made of Jade.
Increases the DC of any poison ammo used with it by 4.

Shield of Contemptuous Glares__
+2 Madu
This madu is made out of an Evil Eye’s eye.
1/day you may cast Dispel Magic on a target as per the spell CL is your character level check, if successful you regain the use of this ability.

Shield of Sarenraes Chosen__ (Maximus)
+3 Light Shield
Sheds light like a torch
Constant Shield of the Dawn Flower effect
You may cast Searing Light 1/day.
Can be used as a divine focus, a holy symbol, and a vestment of office.

Shield of Slick Sliding__ (?)
+2 Heavy Shield
You may use this shield as a floating mount.
This shield functions like a basic warhorse except for the following.
All attacks agaisnt it must be sunder checks, use the items hitpoints, it has a movement speed of 60 ft.
Switching between the shield and the mount is a standard action.

Shroud of the Avian__ (Rivio)
This powerful broach creates a shroud of birds that act as a cloak.

  • This cloak changes based on the bird chosen once a minute.
  • The cloak always has the following abilities no matter which bird chosen.
  • Fly – Once per day
  • Wind Wall – Once per day
  • Speak with Birds – Constant
    The following are birds that can be chosen
  • Cardinal – At the begining of each round, choose a single opponent within 30ft. That opponent cannot make attacks of opportunity. (May require a Profession Soldier check)
  • Bluejay – All allies within 10ft recieve FH 1 against ability score damage. (This only effects one stat at a time)
  • Condor – Your strength increases by 10, in regards to carrying capacity.
  • Canary – You can detect gold constantly within 60ft
  • Hawk – Gain a +2 Competence bonus on ranged attack rolls
  • Crow – Detect secret doors and lies within 60ft. (Caster level checks may be required)
  • Owl – +3 to all saving throws.

Sling of the Black Drake Chapel__ (?)
(Not Evil, no Ki) - Made from a Black Dragon Wing. Comes with own small pouch of ammo
+2 Sling
+50 range increments
Bane vs Dragons
Blessed Beads of the Black Drake (20)
Ammo Pouch: Glass Beads filled with Holy Water, Myrrh, and other Holy Spices
Holy property
when striking a target it acts as if the target has been doused in holy water, and splashes as thrown holy water.

Spell cage__ (Vagner)

  • Robe
  • +1 enhancment (to AC for every spell level you expend all spells)
  • +2 caster level (does not stack)
  • +5 competence to Spellcraft"

Survivors Chain__ (given to the Desnans)
+3 Chainmail
When becoming conscious from being healed back from unconscious or being cured from an affect making you unconscious, you may stand up as an immediate action that does not provoke, you may also recover any fallen weapons during this time
Whenever you are critically hit the critical damage is delayed until the beginning of your next turn.
Not Today: Whenever you are between 1hp and 10hp the next attack you take deals no damage, this affect wears off at the beginning of your next turn. (Must be dealt by an enemy)

Swampcrown__ (Ularu)

  • +2 Sacred Bonus to AC
  • Immunity to magic missiles
  • The ability to speak with serpents of all kinds.
  • You may summon a swarm of snakes 3 times per day.
  • Has a special interatction with another npc, unknown to party at this time.

Syne__ (Naerut)

  • LongSpear
  • +1 enhancment
  • +2 to caster levels (Does not Stack)
  • (maximize spell 1/day) (+1 Spells per day each level 1-3)"

Thala’duun__ (Group)

  • Anhk
  • This Anhk acts as a portal to a hidden place of mystery
  • A portal that uses the astral sea to teleport to another place.
  • It seems that the gate to Thala’duun is located in Steton (marked on map)

The Chicken Horn__ (Nurp)

  • 1/day (if proper tribute given to the chicken king, it may be used 3/day)
  • When you play this magical instrument, dozens of chickens sprout from the horns lip, cawing out, to all enemies within 20’ and 1 ally of your choice the area is considered difficult terrain, this lasts for five rounds. At anytime as a standard action you can choose to eat a chicken to heal 2d12 points of damage, these chickens cannot be forced to move in anyway, they cannot be attacked, things immune to swarms are immune to the chickens, the chicken horn and it’s affects are auto-countered by the coyote knife.

The Pheonix Cap__ (Rivio)

  • Covenant
  • +2 Enhancement bonus to Charisma
  • 10 Fire Resistence
  • \\Spell-Like Abilities//
  • Once a day – Shield of the Dawnflower

Tonic of the Boom__ (?)
blue jug, tonic of the boom, can be applied to any weapon or 1 piece of ammo causes the weapon to create explosions of thunder, destructive to enemies, wielder takes damage, 20ft radius 3d6 sonic per level to all enemies wielder takes half, fort halves DC 10+1/2CL, exposing the potion to thunder storms increases base DC

Valley Stone__ (Destroyed?)
Topaz & Sapphire Gem

  • Can be used when crafting Arms/Armor and wondorus items.
  • With Armor, unlocks abilities of Defense, and special abilities. Ex,
  • Deep roots. Immune to forced momement.
  • Weapon, grants ability to add energy damage to weapon. Grants
  • speciality attacks, example. Gorge Maker, 3 full round actions, 1
  • swing. giant gorge in battle field.

Ventel’s Coin__* (Nurp)

  • standard 1/day, reroll; flip on a 1 all d20 rolls, on a 2 all other rolls

Vladamir__ (?)
+3 massive Compound Longbow (Not Evil, no Ki) — Made of pure steel, wrapped in bands of iron. Bowstring is a hardened, metal wire. Carries the symbol of Gorum. 55lb.
3/day as a full-round it may fire a single arrow, using a 60’ line template attacking all enemies in this line.
In addition whenever Vladamir would confirm a crit hit it does not deal damage, it takes 1d6 con bleed, this may be stopped as normal bleeding can be stopped, no enemy may be affected by this ability again in a 24 hour penalty.

Watchman’s Blade__ (?)

  • +3 Longsword
  • Defending
  • Guardian
  • Provides the following feats (Alertness, Skill Focus (Perception))

Whispered Wishes__ (?)
Prayer Beads

  • 1/day Bead of Blessing – Wearer can cast bless.
  • 1/day Bead of Healing – Wearer can cast his choice of cure serious wounds, remove blindness/deafness, or remove disease.
  • 1/day Bead of Karma – Wearer casts his spells at +4 caster level. Effect lasts 10 minutes.
  • 1/day Bead of Smiting – Wearer can cast chaos hammer, holy smite, order’s wrath, or unholy blight.
  • 1/week Bead of Communion – Can cast Commune
  • 1/month Bead of Lifeline – Can cast Breath of Life
  • You may consume the entire item to cast Wish.

Yimor__ (Nurp)
A grand oaken bow with a red bowstring that seems to have a band of ivory for the bows notch.

  • +2 enhancement, Keen, (cast true strike 1/day).

Un-Organized Items
Teleront’s carriage of fast traveling__
This powerful magical item has multiple aspects, 1 the rider are in increased state of confort, conjured snakc and endured elements inside, means that the travelers, the carriage can hold up to ten occupents, the carriage has an activateable mount spell that it can use an infinite number of times, only used on carriage, base speed is that of an airship, within limitations, you can suppress this if you have your own horses using the horses speed instead. the carriage is missing one of it’s pieces, in the center of the carriage where a massive gem is missing, if able to recover the lost gem, than this carriages abilities will increase in potency.
The Fancy Fopper__
The fancy fopper is for the gambling socialite, this powerful magic item increases ones charming, and yet decreases ones ability to recover from a bad situation, while the hat is worn on any social interaction you make, you may roll twice and take either result, however if you fail a check using this bonus, for one day thereafter you must roll twice and take the worst result, the hat cannot be removed if you’ve failed until the day has passed.
Mantel of Starlight__
3 Resistance bonus to saves
Cold Resistance 20
1/day when the wearer is attacked, as an immediate action the wearer may produce a blinding flash. Will save DC 10
Char level or be blinded for 1 round.
Gloves of the Merchant Friend__
You are granted a +4 to appraise checks, but only if you are able to touch the required object/person/etc. These gloves provide a +4 enhancement bonus to dexterity, You may reroll any perception check made to detect an invisible creature, or any one attempting to steal from you or ally within thirty feet.
The Ivory Spine__
+3 battleaxe whose blade is made out of sharpened ivory.
on a successful critical hit a creature struck by this item takes 1d6 dex penalty for one minute, if an enemy is killed by this critical hit, that creature is turned into a statue of pure ivory, those turned into such a statue are always worth (2000gp), you only gain this benefit if you kill a creature of reasonable threat.
The Twin Bells of The Cloud Sea Monastery__ (star marked)
These nunchaka are made of alabster stone, and appear to have clangers inside of them, it seems they are made to function like bells.
+4 Nunchaka
Pilgrimage item (like covenant except you must go to a certain location)
Stunning Critical, if you successfully criticaly hit with this weapon, the target must make a fort save DC 10 + Character Level, if it fails it is stunned for one round, a target may only be stunned once a day, however a monk may use his stunning fist power with this item.
The Boots of Rapid Dashing__
The boots of rapid dashing give the wearer a +30 enhancement bonus to movement speed
it grants the wearer the use of the run feat.
If the wearer possess the wind stance feat, at the end of a charge, if that charge hits it deals 50% more damage. This damage bonus may only be applied once on a charge. (not cumalative with below)
If the wearer of these boots possess the lightning stance feat, the damage at the end of a charge dealt is doubled. This damage bonus may only be applied once on a charge. (not cumalative with above)

Unidentified Items
Eyes of Hrilga, Shield Maiden__ (one of two)

  • Hrilga is one of the avatars of Torag
    Large-Sized Heavy Crossbow__
    (Not Evil, no Ki) — Bow String is fit with strange hemi-spherical capisule that seems to be set to place a Small creature.

Items of the Nurp

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