Character Diaries

After every session, players will have the option of writing a page of their character’s diary based on the events of that session. It can be anything, as long as it’s in character: adventure notes, letters to your loved ones, thoughts on the other characters, etc.

XP Rewards

Diary XP

DM’s Thoughts Bonus XP
Dude, you wrote one sentence! And it didn’t even make sense! 0xp
Thanks for writing. I personally think it sucked,
but I’m sure you made some effort into this so, here’s your XP, now leave me alone.
25 x ECL xp
Good post. I’ll look forward to more of these! 50 x ECL xp
Hey, I loved your last entry! 75 x ECL xp
Bravo! The drama! The passion! It brought tears to my eyes! 100 x ECL xp

The Rules

  • You can only get bonus XP for Character Diaries if you were present at the last session.
  • The bonus XP for the week for Character Diaries cannot exceed the XP gained in-game.
  • Bonus XP will only be awarded once per session. (Even if you make 2 or more entries based on that session)
  • Deadline for diary posts are 24 hours before the next game session

Character Diaries

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